Start Accessory Action by Id

This will start a semi-synchronous Accessory Action. While this call is mostly synchronous, some Actions sent to the device are asynchronous and will continue processing in the background. Accepting and responding to a command can take up to 30 seconds for battery powered cameras in sleep mode. Actions currently allow for updating an Accessories firmware, creating Accessory diagnostics and triggering BLE based network reconfiguration mode. For Actions that are asynchronous, progress is reported via the Notification Events system.


Requires a Permissions scope of: circle:accessories_manage

Request Types

Request Type



Initiate a firmware upgrade on the Accessory. Progress is reported via Notification Events. This is an asynchronous action.


Request an internal diagnostics to be generated. This is uploaded to the Logitech Servers for Customer Support use. This is an asynchronous action. No progress is reported as this happens in the background.


Circle 2 Only. Puts the camera into BLE based network reconfiguration mode. This allows for local mobile app management of the saved network list and adding additional networks.


Circle 2 Only. Removes the specified network connection. Only an inactive network connection can be removed from the list of networks. An error will be returned if you attempt a connected connection. See Get Accessory by Id network->connections object for details.