Set Accessory Config by Id

This API call allows changing any of the supported configuration parameters for a given Accessory . This call is asynchronous and so the caller must use the accessory_settings_changed Notification Event to watch progress. In general always read the current value via Get Accessory by Id before changing the value with this call since other clients may be changing things. One or more values to change are allowed in each call and it is better to group changes together in a single call rather make separate calls in sequence.


Requires a Permissions scope of: circle:accessories

Field of View (FOV)

In the Logi Circle apps free-form changes are not supported. Rather, there is one property "Field of View" in the UI that has three options shown below:

{ "x": 32, "y": 18, "width": 1856, "height": 1044}
{ "x": 128, "y": 72, "width": 1664, "height": 936}
{ "x": 224, "y": 126, "width": 1472, "height": 828}

Video Resolutions

The following shows all the allowable video resolutions:
NOTE: For Circle 2, if pirWakeUp is true, 360p is not allowed.

{"width": 1920, "height": 1080}
{"width": 1280, "height": 720}
{"width": 640, "height": 360}