Partner Billing API

The Partner Billing API allows partners to manage subscription details of Logitech Circle accessories that they are responsible for. Logitech will work with partners to determine the Service Plan Features, durations and pricing, and create a customized list of Billing Plans that the partner can use.


Authentication using the Partner Billing API is supported via the OAuth2 client_credentials grant type. Client Credentials mode is when your server directly uses its client_id and client_secret to get a token on behalf of your service instead of a user scoped token. A Client Credentials token is requested using the normal Authentication token url, but using grant_type=client_credentials instead of the normal grant_type=authorization_code`.

Client Credentials tokens must only be issued and used directly by your servers. They can never be transmitted to any client/endpoint device, as they allow Partner wide changes not limited to a single user.

Billing Plan

A billing plan defines the Service Plan Features and their values. Logitech defines the billing plans available to a partner and the costs we charge you for them. The following calls allow you to see the billing plans associated with your partner setup:

Get All Billing Plans
Get Billing Plan by ID


A Subscription is an instance of a Billing Plan that specifies a start time, expiration time, Account Id and one or more Accessory Id assigned to it. A subscription also defines what occurs when that subscription expires. A subscription applies to one or more Accessory Id's. The following calls interact with subscriptions:

Create Billing Subscription
Get All Subscriptions
Get Subscription by Id
Update Subscription by ID