Get Zones by Accessory Id

Get the Zone definitions for an AccessoryAccessory - A unique device within the system. An accessory can be any of type and is represented by a unique Accessory Id. An accessory is linked to an account via an accountId. Within this API, a singular Circle camera is an Accessory.. All zones for a given Accessory are retrieved at the same time. A maximum of 5 user defined zones are allowed. The Remainder Zone is not included in the returned list as it is implicit within the system.


Requires a Permissions scope of: circle:accessories_ro

Requires the Accessory have a Circle SafeCircle Safe - A premium subscription which changes or adds additional Service Plan Features. There are many different types of Circle Safe plans. Some plans give the user longer storage via the Storage Length Feature for Activities. Other plans grant enhanced audio and video analytics for Activities via additional meta-data based on the Classifiers system. Circle Safe may be purchased directly through the Circle App or provisioned by a third-party system. enabled plan which contains the Zones Feature.