Get Summary MP4 File

Retrieve an offline playable MP4 file for a specific Summary ID.

Retrieves the single mp4 file created for a SummarySummary - A video clip that is comprised of one or more Activities with filler data placed between them. Summaries are generated via API calls and have numerous options which govern their creation. A summary is referred to as a "Day Brief" in the Logi Circle application.. The content is returned as a HTTP file attachment and is only meant for saving. For viewing, use Get Summary DASH or Get Summary HLS. You MUST include an Accept header indicating support for video/mp4 in this call. This call will be processed as a 302 - Temporary Redirect to a one-time, time-limited direct download URL. You must follow this 302 immediately. If the download fails partway through, you must recall this endpoint to get a new redirect / one-time use URL.

This API call will include Cache-Control headers in the response that must be honored.


Requires the Permissions scope of circle:summaries