Get Summaries by Accessory ID

Get a list of requested Summaries for a specific Accessory ID

Get a list of all the SummarySummary - A video clip that is comprised of one or more Activities with filler data placed between them. Summaries are generated via API calls and have numerous options which govern their creation. A summary is referred to as a "Day Brief" in the Logi Circle application. that currently exist for a given Accessory IdAccessory Id - A unique non changing value to identify a particular Accessory. Accessory Id's are globally unique and are UUID v4 strings. A new Accessory Id is assigned by the servers when a device is associated to an account for the first time. If the same physical device is re-associated to the same account, it will receive the same Accessory Id again. If the same physical device is re-associated to a different account, it will receive a new Accessory Id. Example: 70e3e6f9-70c3-45b2-62e4-ace3d027988a


Requires the Permissions scope of circle:summaries

Response Body

An array of JSON objects. See Get Summary by Id for bare object details.