Get Activity HLS

Get an HLS playlist for a specific Activity ID.

Retrieve the HTTP Live Streaming / HLS playlist that can be used by a HLS capable player for a given Activity IdActivity Id - A unique non changing value to identify a particular Activity within an Accessory event stream. The API uses a short ISO8601 based timestamp format (YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ) with everything represented server side as UTC+0 or "zulu" format. Activity Id's are the short Timestamp of the initial time of Activity creation. However, the Activities startTime value may be later than the value represented by the Activity Id due to trimming and video processing. Activity Id's are not globally unique, but are unique for a given Accessory Id.. This playlist is dynamically generated, so do not create it by hand, always use this API call. The results of this call may be cached. The subtitles track contains the Summary frame timestamps in WEBVTT format.

When processing this HLS playlist, calls to the sub-playlists and the media elements must utilize the same Authentication tokens as regular API calls.

This API call will include Cache-Control headers in the response that must be honored. The cache duration is 10 sec for an activity in progress and the cache duration for a completed activity is the lifetime of that activity.

Activities are also available via Get Activity DASH or Get Activity MP4 File.


Requires the Permissions scope of: circle:activities