Delete Activities

Batch delete multiple Activity ID's for a specific Accessory ID.

Remove one or more ActivityActivity - An event that is represented by a start time, end time, relevance and other meta-data. Activities are used to represent videos or audio activity that is part of the same sequence of frames or content. Every Activity has a unique Activity Id. Activities will only be stored for as long your service plan dictates. An Activity belongs to an Accessory. For the full list of attributes on an Activity see Get Activity by Id. Activities can be referred to as "clips" or "recordings" in the Logi Circle application. from the system. This will delete the stored video, remove it from the list of Activities found in Get Activities by Accessory Id, and the content can no longer be inserted into a SummarySummary - A video clip that is comprised of one or more Activities with filler data placed between them. Summaries are generated via API calls and have numerous options which govern their creation. A summary is referred to as a "Day Brief" in the Logi Circle application.. Takes an array of Activity IdActivity Id - A unique non changing value to identify a particular Activity within an Accessory event stream. The API uses a short ISO8601 based timestamp format (YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ) with everything represented server side as UTC+0 or "zulu" format. Activity Id's are the short Timestamp of the initial time of Activity creation. However, the Activities startTime value may be later than the value represented by the Activity Id due to trimming and video processing. Activity Id's are not globally unique, but are unique for a given Accessory Id. as the input. This is a bulk version of Delete Activity by Id.


Requires a Permissions scope of: circle:activities