Object Size

The Object Size Classifier indicates what the relative size of the moving objects which were found in this ActivityActivity - An event that is represented by a start time, end time, relevance and other meta-data. Activities are used to represent videos or audio activity that is part of the same sequence of frames or content. Every Activity has a unique Activity Id. Activities will only be stored for as long your service plan dictates. An Activity belongs to an Accessory. For the full list of attributes on an Activity see Get Activity by Id. Activities can be referred to as "clips" or "recordings" in the Logi Circle application. or Segment. The system will "round" the size to the nearest known size value from the supported list. The size reported is based on the relative size of the object from the cameras perspective. For this attribute to be calculated and stored within an Activity, the Size Detection Feature must be present in the Service Plan Features.

attribute_name ::= "objectSizes"
value ::= string
    "t"  tiny
  | "s"  small
  | "m"  medium
  | "l"  large