TrickleICE Support via new Live View WebSockets Channel

We have introduced a new Establish Live WebRTC WebSockets Channel call for the Live View API which allows using a persistent WebSocket for real-time message passing instead of the existing REST API calls. This new channel allows for proper bi-directional sending of WebRTC TrickleICE candidates in real-time, which results in much faster Live View session establishment.

TLS Certificate Rotation and Version Policy Change

On April 20th, 2020 the current SSL/TLS certificate for will expire. This certificate is currently issued by DigiCert with the following details:

Clarify default values for temperature and humidity

Clarified that the default values when no readings are available for temperature and humidity fields in Get Accessory by Id are -1 for humidity and -99.0 for temperature. This allows for proper disambiguation on devices which support these sensors but haven't generated a reading yet.


Add New Account Deleted Notification Event

account_deleted is a new value in Notification Events which is sent when the Circle account has been deleted.


Additional completion state added to firmware_update_completed event

In the Notification Events system for firmware_update_completed, a new completionStatus value of Offline has been added to support the use-case where the camera goes offline while the firmware download was in progress.


Enhancements to WebRTC Support

Added iceServers to Provide Live WebRTC Offer and Get Answer
Clarified characters allowed in authKey for Register for Server Notifications


Resolution and FOV Control now available

Added videoStream to Get Accessory by Id and Set Accessory Config by Id
Added videoSensorPosition to Get Accessory by Id and Set Accessory Config by Id
Added videoSensor to Get Accessory by Id